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The importance of the health and safety of all those who use ProConsult is of paramount importance - both the clients who use the ProConsult service and the staff who work in the centre.

During these challenging times, ProConsult has put in place measures to mitigate the risk that Covid-19 poses.  Below is a list of these measures:

1. All clients are to fill in a form prior to arriving at ProConsult outlining their current state of health in relation to the virus.  If a person has any symtoms related to the virus, then they are asked not to attend the centre for their appointment.  For a list of current Covid-19 symptoms, please click HERE

2. Each person who enters the building will have their temperature recorded.

3. All visitors to the centre will have contact details taken to ensure that if necessary contact tracing can be carried out. 

4. There are a number of hand - sanitizer units in operation - one at the entrance and one at the exit.

5. All those who use ProConsult, enter by one door and leave by a separate exit.

6. There are separate bathroom facilities for staff and clients to minimize the number of touch points.

7. All the chairs in the counselling rooms have been changed from cloth-covered chairs to leather-covered chairs for ease of cleaning. 

8. After each counselling session, the counsellor cleans down the appropriate sections of the counselling room prior to arrival of the next client.

9. There is a large screen between the counsellor and the client

10. There is a large screen at the receptionist's desk. 

11. The ProConsult building is cleaned twice a day by an external cleaner. 

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